Virtual Instruments

So I’ve been diving in slowly to Kontakt 5 and Virtual Libraries from a variety of Studios. In the past month I’ve added the following collections…

  • Spitfire ¬†Albion One
  • Albion III Iceni
  • Abion 2 Loegria
  • Albion IV Uist
  • Friedlander Violin
  • Olympus Elements (Choir)
  • Blakus Cello
  • Swing! – by PROJECTSAM
  • Arpology
  • Soniccouture – Hammersmith
  • Lumina – ProjectSam
  • Evolutions – Spitfire special release

I’ve been extremely busy with a lot of different projects, but can’t wait to get started with composing music. This means doing lots of training on everything from Kontakt, using the actual libraries, and learning Logic Pro X….I have my work cut out for me..